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It started with Two Barrels
From two barrels in the rear of Mike and Cindy Armstrong's garage has sprung an olive growing, processing, packing, importing & exporting business that now employees up to 65 people.

Mike Armstrong, whose farther grew olives in the Lindsay area, began by experimenting in his spare time with cured olives in those two barrels. That was in the early 1970s.

"I took some of the samples to a distributor in San Jose and he liked the flavor and purchased them," Armstrong said. "So the next year, in 1972, I put down 50 barrels and sold all of those.

Armstrong Olives
From Tree To Table

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Enlarged Operations
By 1974, Armstrong bought his home, the surrounding land and acreage with olive trees on Road 232. He then began enlarging his operation with buildings that included a processing and shipping facility in the mid 1980's. Still, there were times when Armstrong had doubts about his business and whether he should continue with it.

"I wasn't making enough to make ends meet," he said. "I kept going out, trying to make every sale I could. It was tough - just me and my flatbed truck. I had to do most of the packing, stuffing and selling myself.

Suddenly Things Started To Change
"Then suddenly things started to change around 1985," Armstrong Said. "I guess it was partly due to four or five of the major brands of regular olives starting to promote the fruit nationwide. And that helped everyone."

We are a true family business when you phone our office you may reach Cindy or Sister Jessica or even Mike. No automated phone service here. Son Robert works in pack room & daughter Amanda (one the label) works in office when not at school.

Now the Armstrong's' products - 58 varieties of stuffed and marinated olives under our labels and a few more under other company's labels - are shipped all over the US and Canada, as well as being sold on the domestic market. Savemart, Railys, Grommet Shops as well as many Fruit Stand and Farmers Markets carry the Armstrong brand. In the Valley, Save Mart Supermarkets carry our olives.

"The most popular is the garlic stuffed, and the Jalapeno comes in second," said Cindy Armstrong, who designs the company's labels. Other varieties are stuffed or flavored with various combinations of onion, almond and garlic cloves or pimento marinated in vermouth, to name a few. 





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